Future Solutions to Senior Housing Declines

Current Senior Housing Trends Using NIC Data Senior living occupancy has dropped again per the latest reporting from the NIC from 2Q19. The latest census report shows senior housing down YOY and at the lowest level since 2011. According to the most recent NIC Map® this occupancy decline is especially true in the Assisted Living showing 85.1% occupancy across all primary markets. Source: NIC Map® Unfortunately, this trend does not appear to be getting any better for the foreseeable future.  Annual inventory growth for primary markets continue to outpace the penetration rates, and [...]

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8 Surprising Things About Senior Living

We gathered a few facts around our office that we found to be the most interesting to share with you. We are an asset management company dedicated to the senior living markets. Our core values are on a foundation of continuous learning and implementing new facts into our strategy for continuous growth month-over-month. If you have an asset that you dread to discuss, let's talk about a solution. We can implement a solution without any changes to the operating company. We're more than a consultant who gives you recommendations, we're the asset manager to drive [...]

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ETROS Management Firm Selected as Top 50 Healthcare Company in the USA.

ETROS Management Firm has been recognized as one of the “Top 50 Healthcare Companies in the US” by The International Forum on Advancement in Healthcare (IFAH0). ETROS was among over 2000 candidates that were being considered by the IFAH for their disruptive contributions to healthcare. ETROS has the distinction of being the only asset management firm honored. The "Top 50 Healthcare Company" merit was given to ETROS Management Firm after a review of over 2,000 unique entries from remarkable healthcare companies, agencies and providers. The entries included a wide range of organizations from within the [...]

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Management is Not Operations

Anyone can hold the helm with the sea is calm. There’s a shift in senior living that is playing out publicly in each new restructure deal. Whether you look to Holiday and New Senior, or Brookdale and Welltower, to the most recent Five Star and Senior Housing Properties, restructuring is the new lifeline (likely to be followed by a new operator). In theory, moving from a triple-net lease to a RIDEA will give relief to the operator and a piece of the upside to the investor. That's correct if the asset is meeting it's rent [...]

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